Next Generation wildfire gear for CFA volunteers


Thousands of CFA firefighters are a step closer to receiving upgraded sets of the iconic yellow wildfire clothing as CFA tenders for a supplier of the Next Generation personal protective clothing (PPC).



The new PPC will be funded as part of the Victorian Government’s $126 million CFA Capability Funding package following fire services reform and will be distributed to thousands of operational CFA volunteers across the state.

The Volunteer Wildfire PPC Project will deliver modernised wildfire PPC with an enhanced level of protection from radiant heat and heat-related illness.

The wildfire PPC will remain in CFA’s iconic yellow, but will feature lighter weight materials with improved design functionality and ergonomic performance.

The jackets will have a new epaulette holder on the chest area, reinforced elbow patches, front top and lower pockets on both sides and radio pockets along the side seam.

The protective trousers will incorporate new elastic back waistbands with large belt loops, two back pockets and hip pockets.

As an inclusive organisation we are committed to meeting the needs of our diverse membership. Therefore, the PPC will be specifically tailored for both men and women, ensuring a safe and comfortable fit.

CFA Chief Officer Jason Heffernan said the new PPC is an exciting advancement for CFA as a modern fire service.

“These new wildfire garments will be innovative and effective, with a focus on increased safety features,” he said.

“CFA’s highest priority is its members’ safety and we are committed to equipping our firefighters with modern protective equipment.”

The new PPC will be provided to eligible members in addition to existing wildfire PPC, meaning recipients can continue to use their current wildfire PPC in addition to the new garments.

CFA is expected to award the tender for the new PPC by the end of this year.

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Submitted by CFA Media